B2B Lead Generation experts

Let our passionate for marketing drive your sales.

Big Wolf Group are a global collective of locally based B2B lead generation agencies, specialising in Telemarketing and Digital Marketing services.

We know how to create more sales ready qualified leads to help your business grow. Together we have the capacity to manage your outbound  B2B lead generation efforts globally, offering B2B telemarketing & digital campaigns in all major geographical regions.

Wether you are looking for a small local 1 agent Telemarketing campaign or a multi-agent multi-teritory Telemarketing campaign, we have the infastructure and know-how to deliver brand syncronised messaging and consistant results.

Our services

Outbound B2B Telemarketing
We will reach out by phone to your potential customers and generate sales qualified leads and appointments for you and your team.
B2B Email Outreach
Email is an effective tool if used right. Our digital marketing experts can create engaging messaging and outreach solution that secures results.
Consultancy & Training
Need Sales & Marketing advice and support? Perhaps you need sales training for your internal sales team? Big Wolf marketing have localised solutions for your needs.
Data Services
From data cleaning to data procurement, we can support your business. We have access to some of the worlds largest B2B Databases, get in contact today for more info.